Back to My Beginning

This photograph of me was taken on the steps of the first house I ever lived in, a quarter villa in the east of Edinburgh.  It’s the first house my parents owned and the home to which both my younger sister and I were taken after our respective births.  We moved away the summer before I started school and I haven’t lived in the city since.

But that is about to change.  Later this spring I will be returning to the capital.  Devotees of this blog will know how important place is to me and how delighted I was to return to Lossiemouth.  And now I am voluntarily leaving.  Well, almost voluntarily.  The job I enjoy in libraries is being cut as part of the current round of budget savings and the sad truth is that there are more opportunities in the city than in Lossiemouth.

And so I have made the decision to return to Edinburgh.  My sister says I sound excited when we speak on the phone and most of the time I am.  Then I catch a glimpse of the beach, or am greeted by name in a shop and I remember what I’ll be leaving behind.  Will I be able to leave it behind?  Well, as the song from Salad Days says, ‘if I start looking behind me…I’ll remind you to remind me we said we wouldn’t look back’.

I was in Edinburgh last month and my sister is right: I am excited about moving there.  The city is beautiful and has so much to offer in the way of culture, particularly in the world of books.  And as a freelance children’s book specialist and content writer, I’ll certainly be in the right environment.  Have a look at my website – maybe there’s something I can do for you.



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