Back to My Beginning

This photograph of me was taken on the steps of the first house I ever lived in, a quarter villa in the east of Edinburgh.  It's the first house my parents owned and the home to which both my younger sister and I were taken after our respective births.  We moved away the summer before... Continue Reading →


Home, they say, is where the heart is. But what if your heart can’t decide? Places are very important to me and I have a tendency to become dramatically attached to them. There are many that have grabbed my heart but only three where I have left it. At forty I went on a journey... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Place

I like small towns with tight communities, places where you’re a marked woman as soon as you arrive or maybe just before you’ve thought of going. In spite of sprawling housing estates encroaching on the spaces between, Scotland still has lots of places like that. I’ve visited and fallen in love with many over the... Continue Reading →

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