An Author’s Eye View

Recently (recently enough to have to cut short my journey) I was travelling in Australia.  As is my wont I tried to read books that had some relevance to my destination.  Two such were by Nevil Shute: A Town Like Alice and the less well known The Far Country.  I'm not an expert on the... Continue Reading →

Reading Maps

Running alongside my love of reading are a passion for maps and a desire to travel – a real combination of my parents’ interests and all encouraged by them as I was growing up. For a long time my actual travel was very limited but my dreams and my interest never have been, with the... Continue Reading →

A New Chapter

Last week I discovered that my job had become a victim of budget savings.  In common with councils across the country, Moray finds itself in the position of having to save millions and so my job with its wonderful Libraries Service will end soon. I'm sad about this obviously.  It really is the best Libraries... Continue Reading →

A Life of Crime

I can’t remember why and I can’t remember when, but a couple of years or so ago I took it into my head to read the novels of Dorothy L Sayers. I’ve always known that they exist and I was vaguely aware that they were about Lord Peter Wimsey and (as I thought) Harriet Vane. ... Continue Reading →

Read Me Eat Me

It's not just pictures of places that hold memories.  This is my fiftieth birthday cake.  I may have become rather over-excited about celebrating my half century, a state only intensified by a brief flirtation at death's door the previous year.  Whatever the reason, I was determined to embrace my age and share my birthday with... Continue Reading →

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