All Things are Relative

Today I drove to Falkland. It’s a forty-five minute journey from my house but it felt adventurous, daring, exciting. The downside to living in Edinburgh during lockdown was the necessity of staying in one’s local authority area. The capital may be beautiful, inspiring and, in normal times, packed with things to do and places to go but its footprint is not large.

Falkland, a small town I like very much, was a random choice. The point of my journey was to meet friends I haven’t seen since last year. They live in the north east of the Kingdom and I on the west side of Edinburgh so Falkland is a good meeting point. And it was lovely to see them. Needless to say we had no news to exchange but the joy of seeing each other actually rather than virtually meant that was of no consequence.

I love to travel, as I’ve discussed before, but lockdown cut me off from that so effectively that I’ve found it hard even to daydream of leaving Edinburgh for a time, let alone venturing overseas. I hope that these first tentative steps will start to reignite my imagination. Dare I begin to think of booking a flight to Canada and following in the footsteps of LM Montgomery and her creations?

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