Melbourne Athenaeum Library

It was the sign advertising books for sale that caught my eye.  We were putting in time, my cousin Pam and I, until the doors of the theatre opposite opened.  It was hot enough that I didn't want to wander far so we ducked inside an old building, were directed to a neo-classical lift and... Continue Reading →

No Such Thing as Co-incidence

In the Australian spring of 1965, two very different people arrived in Melbourne. Rosemary Steele from Musselburgh was bored with her life, full though it was, and this led her to apply for an assisted passage to Australia. She was successful and made the decision to emigrate, agreeing to remain in Australia for at least... Continue Reading →


Home, they say, is where the heart is. But what if your heart can’t decide? Places are very important to me and I have a tendency to become dramatically attached to them. There are many that have grabbed my heart but only three where I have left it. At forty I went on a journey... Continue Reading →

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