A Long Hot Summer

The last time Scotland sweltered for so long under a relentlessly sunny sky was a significant summer in my life.  I was eight and my little world changed dramatically.  For three years we had lived in Dumfries, the Queen of the South straddling the River Nith.  I have partial memories of living elsewhere but the... Continue Reading →

Read Me Eat Me

It's not just pictures of places that hold memories.  This is my fiftieth birthday cake.  I may have become rather over-excited about celebrating my half century, a state only intensified by a brief flirtation at death's door the previous year.  Whatever the reason, I was determined to embrace my age and share my birthday with... Continue Reading →

A Short Stay in Skagen

At the tip of Denmark, nestled between two seas, is the beautiful town of Skagen. Once home to artists, it exudes charm and history. On my summer visit the historic buildings drowsed in sunshine. Had the Krøyers appeared, strolling on the beach at Grenen, I should not have been surprised.

A Day in the Sun

The day didn’t so much start as continue. As Wednesday rolled into Thursday, I was gazing at sunlight reflected off sea. I knew I was tired and should go to bed but the passing scenery distracted me. The appropriately named MS Midnatsol was gliding inexorably on towards the northernmost point of continental Europe and I... Continue Reading →


Home, they say, is where the heart is. But what if your heart can’t decide? Places are very important to me and I have a tendency to become dramatically attached to them. There are many that have grabbed my heart but only three where I have left it. At forty I went on a journey... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Place

I like small towns with tight communities, places where you’re a marked woman as soon as you arrive or maybe just before you’ve thought of going. In spite of sprawling housing estates encroaching on the spaces between, Scotland still has lots of places like that. I’ve visited and fallen in love with many over the... Continue Reading →


I went to Australia slightly reluctantly, specifically to see relations who were flatteringly keen to have me visit. The majority of them I had never met, although I had heard of them all my life. I was also going to see the places my parents had often spoken of, places in which they had met,... Continue Reading →

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